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triptych: After Rain, Sun

triptych: After Rain, Sun

Three panel narrative, titled and signed in pencil by J. Crane

Here's a story to put on the wall. Something about being cold and drowning in a deluge. About being without light, warmth or any kind of life at all.  The cold wet gloom is met in a flourish of unexpected and surpassing beauty.   Warmth and light burst forth in a transmutative moment. Small movement begins,  new growth curls upwards, warming and awakening. The heat and light pull gently from above on the new life, which, in a grand triumph, bursts from the dark earth into the bright blue sky.

panel 1 - And Seed - Three color screenprint, pale blue, pink, and black. 

panel 2 And Light and Heat - Seven color screenprint: pale blue, yellow, warmer yellow, fluorescent pink, blue, magenta, and black. 

panel 3 Made of Sunshine - Five color screenprint, pale blue, half white, yellow, more half-white again, and black. 

Edition of 44, matched triptych editions when possible.

Each panel measures 23.8" x 17" and is printed on thick 110 lb. acid-free archival stock, Neenah Classic Crest cream.  Inks are high-pigment mixtures, using Permaprint & Nazdar ink as a starting point, then adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that.   

All inks are mixed and hand pulled in Los Angeles by Jordan Crane. 

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