"The award-winning cartoonist's inspiring new work, 20 years in the making, is a wild and discursive story with a potent message."The Guardian

"Relentless to the point of transcendence...The entire book is meticulously plotted, magnificently structured storytelling. An immersive read...one that acknowledges our thoughts, intangible, have as much power over us as anything concrete." The Beat

"...this is a masterful example of how art can take something as fundamental to our human experience as time, and turn it on its head."Under the Radar

"Crane's magnum opus is a stylistically adventurous evocation of how fear and grief create barriers to genuine intimacy. Not to be missed." Library Journal Starred Review

"It’s a stunning work of graphic fiction and a testament to the power of visual storytelling. 9.5/10 GREAT" — AIPT Comics

"Deceptive in its complexity and rewarding of multiple readings, Keeping Two is a romantic graphic novel with deep emotional impact."Foreword Reviews Starred Review

"A magnificently multilayered graphic novel that empathically addresses the universal human fears of losing those most beloved." Shelf Awareness Starred Review

"... a gently stunning meditation on loss, absence, and connection... the more fragmented the plot becomes, the stronger the emotional thread binding the disparate elements grows, winding toward an unexpectedly transcendent climax... Crane lets tiny moments swell into a flood of emotion in his most accomplished and moving work yet. "Publishers Weekly Starred Review