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Keeping Two

Keeping Two

Simple beginnings. A young couple is stuck in traffic, relationship strained, reading a book aloud to each other to pass the time. The novel strains on them, trauma and loss, and tensions are running especially high by the time they arrive back at their apartment.

When one of them leaves to go to the store, each of them is individually led to confront loss, grief, fear, and their deeply felt insecurities. While this is begins as a story about loss, it becomes about finding something along the way something that had seemed irredeemable up to that point. 

This story took me twenty years to draw.  I would have done it more quickly but it took me that long to understand what I was trying to do.  I am not the person who started this book.

316 page hardcover book, 5.75" x 8.5"

Signed by J.Crane

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